Content Strategy

We believe the world is a noisy place to be effective at promoting your message you need to breaking through the clutter. Blinkk will help you establish a voice and  content which your target audience will want to hear at the right time and format.


Blogs & Copy

A blog is a great way for some brands to share the value your company delivers, align and support industry partners, build credibility and even drive prospects to a landing page where they can be converted into leads or even better, sales!   Creating the right contend is vital to the success of the tactic, Blinkk can help.



From training videos and promotional video to social media posts, video is by far one of the most effective tools to drive engagement with your brand and share quality, relevant and timely information.  Blinkk works with you from strategy, story boarding and scripting to the final production and distribution to bring your brand to life on video.



To capture the right details of a product feature, create something to talk about or simply immortalize an event, or person, we see things differently and our photography shows it.