Email Marketing

Email marketing remains a very effective communications platform which can promote customer  loyalty and keep your brand top of mind.  Blinkk complies to the  Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) to ensure your email marketing is effective and compliant.  From valuable content to post campaign analytics, Blinkk loves email  marketing!


Mobile Marketing

Mobile phones now function as personal computers.  Geo and interest targeted advertising is made easy and affordable.  Blinkk will help you access the endless potential of this platform.


Banner & Pay Per Click Ads

Ads which compel a response and deliver results is what we are after when it comes to banner and pay per click (PPC) ads .  Digital provides immediate analytics so we can adjust a program to continue  to deliver results.


Google AdWords

The Google world is a vast universe of possibilities.  We continuous evaluate keywords and results to optimize your landing page traffic through geo, interests ad demographically targeted  ads.  Plus budgeting is never a problem –  thanks Google!


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engines constantly assess what websites make it to the top of the first page.  We evaluate and optimize your website for improved organic results so you don’t need to pay to have your site promoted.