Social Media Strategy

Social media can be an effective way to build brand credibility and drive traffic to your landing page.  Blinkk will help you identify which social media platform is right for your brand, create a content strategy and generate and distribute the content.  We understand social media and make it work for you.


Content Strategy 

Strategy and planning is critical to successful Social Media Marketing.  Blinkk will ensure your social media presence is professional and effective.  Whether you want to communicate with customers to build loyalty and advocacy, engage with your target audience to build brand image or drive sales through promotions, we can help and show that it works!


Content Creation & Distribution

Blinkk designs ads, posts, videos and promotions to meet your content needs. We stay on brand and align with your goals.  We set up a calendar, distribute your content and analyse results.


Pay Per Click Ads

Social Media advertising reaches out beyond your area of influence to penetrate your target audience at the social media platform they like best.  You set the budget, we get you results!