Brand Discovery & Messaging

Whether it’s time to share a new message with your target audience or you’ve never even thought about what your brand stands for, Blinkk will take you through the process of discovery so that when your brand speaks,  you know what it’s saying.


Logo Design & Image

Once you know who your Brand is, Blinkk helps you communicate that through graphics such as logos, tag lines, colour and style.  Brand image often includes graphics and communications styles so your “marketing voice” matches the image you wish to portray.


Strategic Planning & Mapping

You have business goals which should be supported by your marketing goals. At Blinkk we don’t want you to get lost in the glam of attractive images and sleek copy – these elements should support your campaigns.  We find most business goals can be supported through; brand awareness campaigns, sales acquisition campaigns and customer  loyalty campaigns.  Let’s work together to attach key performance indicators to your campaign goals then plan out your campaigns to achieve the desired results.


Marketing Mix Recommendations

You know what your plan is and mapped it out. Blinkk works with you, your timelines and budget to recommend the most suitable tactic to get your message  to your target group.  Whether its digital marketing tactics such as email marketing, social media and digital ads or its traditional tactics such a broadcast, print and outdoor advertising, we make recommendations based on what is right for you.